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    How Do Electric Training Collars Work?

    Dog owners or trainers who are considering an electric training collar to correct negative canine behavior or to reinforce commands often ask how they work. This article is only a summary, however, when you purchase directly from you receive a free copy of our exclusive, step-by-step, 40 page e-collar training guide that will show you its correct use in much greater detail. Continue reading

    Why Choose Educator E-Collars Over Other Brands?

    The only USA based manufacturer, utilizing the most advanced and humane e-collar technologies in the world, Educator E-Collars are widely recognized for their durability and reliability. Impact proof to 5000Gs, and waterproof to 500 feet, our remote training collars outshine other top brands that are only shock resistant to 2000Gs and submersible to 25 feet. Continue reading

Welcome to the Educator E Collar Store!

With more than 100 years dedicated to innovation and the improvement of their remote dog training collars, E Collar Technologies provides dog owners with the most advanced and reliable, USA-manufactured remote training systems for dogs in the world – Educator Collars.

Advances in technology have enabled Educator Collars to offer an abundance of exceptional features, making these electric dog training collars some of the most high tech systems on the market. With exclusive features like COS (control of stimulation), "Lock and Set", the "booster" function, "Wide Pulse" static stimulation and "vibration only" mode, pet owners and professional trainers alike now have the ability to provide their dogs with the most humane and effective training available.

E Collar Technologies is the only dog shock collar manufacturer that is based in the United States, and all Educator products are fully assembled and tested right here in America to comply with the highest US quality control standards. Their best buy products boost the American economy, while providing dog owners and trainers with the best electronic dog training systems in the world.