Educator 3/4" Biothane Bungee Quick Snap Collar

  • Comes in 2 neck sizes: Mini and Standard
  • Made with durable Biothane™ material
  • Quick snap metal buckle for quick on and off
  • Stretchy bungee cord loop for max. comfort
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA!
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Educator 3/4" Biothane Bungee Strap w/ Metal Quick Snap

The Educator 3/4" Biothane Bungee Strap w/ Metal Quick Snap is handmade here in the U.S. by E-Collar Technologies, Inc. It is manufactured from patented Biothane™. Because of its construction, Biothane has unparalleled durability – it won’t tear, wear out, or crumble over time. Still, the material is soft and flexible. The educator quick snap bungee collar is made so that it won’t fade or show wear like leather.

This high-quality bungee e-collar strap is designed to solve a few different issues. An e-collar needs to be properly fitted so it won’t slide around the dog’s neck and the contact points are making solid contact with the dog’s skin. The Bungee loop prevents contact issues and provides a little “give” for your dog’s comfort.

The heavy-duty metal quick snap makes putting the collar on and taking it off of your dog fast and easy. You get the perfect fit each time without struggling with a buckle, especially when dealing with an excited dog.

The Educator bungee collar for e-collar comes in 2 neck sizes:

  • Mini (9" to 20"): More petite and designed for small dogs under 30lbs
  • Standard (11.5" to 24"): More sturdy and designed for medium to large dogs

This collar can be trimmed to desired length without fraying.

The Educator 3/4" wide Biothane Bungee w/Quick Release Collar Strap is waterproof and easy to clean – all you need is soap and water. And because of its unique coating, it doesn’t absorb moisture or unpleasant odors in the same way that leather or fabric collars can.

The 3/4" Biothane Bungee w/Metal Quick Snap works with remote e-collars, bark collars, and invisible fence systems.

All 3/4" collar straps work with:

  • Models: 300, 400, 900 & 560
  • Receivers: RX-090, RX-070, RX-050


  • 3/4" wide strap
  • Made with durable Biothane™ material
  • Bungee Loop for contact reliability and improved comfort
  • Metal quick snap makes it easier to pop the collar on and off
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Electric shock resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • For e-collar use only – not intended for the leash
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