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  1. Educator Dummy Collars

    Small and large nylon collars available

    Regular Price: $39.60

    Special Price $24.00

  2. Educator 220V Adaptors

    Converts standard plug in into a 220V plug in.

    Regular Price: $13.20

    Special Price $8.00

  3. Educator Replacement Antenna

    The Educator replacement antenna is designed to be used with all electric dog training systems that are manufactured by E-Collar Technologies

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $14.00

  4. Educator Hard Carrying Case

    Hard Carry Case for all E Collar remote dog training collars. Included with all 800 and 1200 series Educator collars.

    Regular Price: $36.29

    Special Price $26.00

  5. Educator 50% Stimulation Reducer

    Designed to fit all standard electric dog trainers on the market

    Regular Price: $18.70

    Special Price $14.00

  6. Educator E-Fence Self Installation Kit

    The PF-1000 Pet Containment System by Educator® is a safe and humane way of effectively containing your dog safe without the need for an actual physical barrier

    Regular Price: $280.00

    Special Price $249.99

  7. Educator Tone Generator

    Pair the Tone Generator to your receiver to aid in learning better timing in training.

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $30.00

  8. Finger Button for 900 Series

    Add this finger button to your 900 series remote to keep your hands free and train discreetly.

    Regular Price: $76.99

    Special Price $60.00

  9. Educator Replacement Skins - ET-300

    Replacement skins for ET-300

    Regular Price: $19.80

    Special Price $15.00

Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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Choose from a variety of miscellaneous accessories to enhance your electronic dog training experience.