Educator Li-Po 3.7V-720 mAH - Replacement Battery

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Replacement battery for:

  • ET-400/402 (Remote Transmitter)
  • ET-800/802 (Remote Transmitter)
  • UL-1200/1202 (Remote Transmitter)
  • WF-1200/1202 (Remote Transmitter)
  • EZ-900/902/903/904 (Remote Transmitter)
  • PE-900/902/903 (Remote Transmitter)
  • RX-120 (Receiver-Collar)
  • RX-150 (Receiver-Collar)
  • Sound Box
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Li-Po 3.7V-720maH

Educator Li-Po Battery 3.7V 720 mAH Replacement Battery

Replacement Li-Po Battery works with the following receivers and handheld transmitters (remote):

Receiver Collars

  • RX-120
  • RX-150

Please look between the contact points on your receiver-collar to see which model you have.

Please Note: If you have an RX-090 Collar Receiver you will need the: LIPO 3.7V 300MAH BATTERY

Handheld Transmitters (remote)

  • ET-400/402
  • K9-400/402
  • ET-800/802
  • K9-800/802
  • UL-1200/1202
  • WF-1200/1202
  • EZ-900/902/903/904
  • PE-900/902/903
  • Sound Box
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Manufacturer CodeLi-Po 3.7V-720maH
BrandE-Collar Technologies
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