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Educator Collars Blog

New Training Systems, Training Tips & More.

  • Summer is an ideal time for fun outdoor activities, and offers plenty of opportunities to grow the bond you have with your dog. Including your dog in activities will make him more versatile, well trained and happier. Whether you have a companion dog, sporting dog or a professional canine, including them strengthens your relationship and fosters a more well rounded dog overall. But Continue reading

  • Dog owners or trainers who are considering an electric training collar to correct negative canine behavior or to reinforce commands often ask how they work. This article is only a summary, however, when you purchase directly from you receive a free copy of our exclusive, step-by-step, 40 page e-collar training guide that will show you its correct use in much greater detail. Continue reading

  • The only USA based manufacturer, utilizing the most advanced and humane e-collar technologies in the world, Educator E-Collars are widely recognized for their durability and reliability. Impact proof to 5000Gs, and waterproof to 500 feet, our remote training collars outshine other top brands that are only shock resistant to 2000Gs and submersible to 25 feet. Continue reading

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