The only USA based manufacturer, utilizing the most advanced and humane e-collar technologies in the world, Educator E-Collars are widely recognized for their durability and reliability. Impact proof to 5000Gs, and waterproof to 500 feet, our remote training collars outshine other top brands that are only shock-resistant to 2000Gs and submersible to 25 feet.

Unlike other manufacturers that offer either tone or vibration and under 15 levels of static stimulation with big jumps between levels, all Educator models now come standard with tone and vibration options as well as 100 levels static stimulation.

Our ergonomic, stopwatch style remotes are now all expandable to a two-dog system with the purchase of an additional receiver collar and the EZ-900 series can train/control up to four dogs from one remote.

E-Collar Technologies manufacturers remote training systems for all dog temperaments and sizes over 5 lbs. Here is a list of our current remote e-collar product lineup:

ET-300 Mini Series (1/2 mile range) – Low to medium power designed for dogs over 5 lbs with with soft to normal temperaments. But don’t let the small size fool you, this little e-collar has plenty of power for larger dogs as well. Miniature transmitter and miniature receiver-collar. Available in one and 2 dog systems and a variety of colors.

ET-400 Series (3/4 mile range) – Low to medium power designed for dogs over 5 lbs with with soft to normal temperaments. The 400 series has all the same features as our best selling ET-300 Mini series but with a bit more range for dogs that have more room to roam. Standard size transmitter and miniature receiver-collar.

ET-800 Series (1 mile range) – Low to high power system designed for larger dogs over 25 lbs, this system will work with all dog temperaments from super soft to super stubborn. Standard size transmitter and receiver collar.

EZ-900 Series (1/2 mile range) – Low to medium power designed for dogs over 5 lbs with soft to normal temperaments. The EZ-900 series has all the same features as our best selling ET-300 Mini series but with more bells & whistles that include 7 levels of vibration and 4 types of tone w/volume control. Bar style transmitter and miniature receiver-collar.

PE-900 Pro Series (1/2 mile range) – Low to medium power designed for dogs over 5 lbs with soft to normal temperaments. The EZ-900 series has all the same features as our best selling ET-300 Mini series and the EZ-900 series but includes one additional feature; Ramp mode- Ramp allows the user to give a correction at a specific level and set the stimulation to automatically Ramp up to another preset level over one or two seconds. Bar style transmitter and miniature receiver-collar.

Below is a list of features and patented technologies that separate Educator Collars from the rest of the pack.

Fast Wireless Link in the Industry

E-Collars are extremely effective in training dogs because they deliver a perfectly timed correction, from a distance, and dogs are able to associate the correction with the behavior.

With a push of the button on the Educator remote, the receiver collar delivers an instantaneous vibration, tone or static correction, exactly when it’s needed.

Less expensive models offered at big box stores and Amazon have much less reliable communication between the transmitter and receiver-collar, which can be confusing to the dog and therefore counterproductive.

Our Transmitters Have Memory

The Educator e-collar remote has a memory that allows you to preset two levels; lower “working level” to get the dog’s attention and reinforce commands, and a higher “Booster” level for high distraction situations.

This feature is especially useful when training multiple dogs from one remote. Dogs are like people and have different thresholds of sensitivity and typically will need different levels of static stimulation.

With other brands, a user has to remember all the dogs’ levels and must take their eyes off the dogs to look at the remote, adjust the level, apply the correction, toggle to the next dog and then repeat this process for each dog.

This can get confusing, especially in an emergency situation where the user must act quickly, it’s easy to make a mistake and over- or under-stimulate the dog.

With an Educator e-collar, you have separate buttons that you can preset using the Lock & Set features so you need never need to take your eyes off your dogs or remember each dog’s settings.

COS (Control Of Stimulation) – Patent Pending

Again, like people, dogs have different levels of sensitivity. When using static stimulation to train your dog, to be the most effective, it’s important to find the perfect level for your dogs specific temperament. Too little and your dog won’t get the message, too much can cause undo stress that can be counterproductive.

Nearly all static training collars on the market have between 7 and 15 levels of stimulation with big jumps between levels that make it almost impossible to find just the right level for your dog.

Rather than using older, out-dated circuit board technology like other manufacturers, Educator e-collars use the new patented COS (control of stimulation) technology.

So if your dog needs only a tiny nudge, or something a bit stronger, COS provides the user with the ability to fine-tune the stimulation to any dog’s specific temperament.

Blunt (Wide) Pulse Stimulation – Patent Pending

One of the most distinctive patented e-collar technologies setting Educator Collars apart from the competition is its delivery of “Blunt pulse stimulation,”. Blunt “Wide” Pulse is a smoother, cleaner, medical grade stimulation that is much more humane.

It’s the same technology used in a Tens machine by Physical Therapist and Chiropractors to excite Muscle to reflex. It’s a topical stimulation and not the out-dated Sharp Pulse used by other manufacturers that penetrates through the muscle and stimulates the neurons that causes head jerking.

Night Tracking Light

Another stand-out feature of Educator dog collars is the night tracking light, which the user can set remotely to either stay lit or flash. With this system, you can set one dog can flash and one to stay lit constantly so the dogs can be differentiated.

Other Features

Among the other features that Educator e-collars offer: Blue LCD display Momentary and continuous buttons Adjustable booster button (patent pending) Low battery indicators on transmitter and receiver Rechargeable replaceable batteries Lost transmitter beeper Waterproof/floating transmitter (round remotes only) Durable Biothane© collar strap Short and long contact points for dogs with longer fur

All Educator e-collars come with a two-year/limited life warranty, the best in the industry. Educator Collars are ideal for teaching basic obedience, correcting behavioral issues or teaching advanced sports and obedience performance.

These e-collars offer the convenience of an entry-level training collar along with advanced features to give an edge to the owner or trainer, no matter the size, breed or temperament of dog.