An Educator remote dog training collar is a powerful tool, but it’s only effective when there’s a proper fit. In this post, you’ll learn three steps to ensure that your dog’s Educator e collar fits perfectly. The three steps to properly fitting a remote dog training collar are using the correct contact point size, getting a snug collar fit, and grooming your dog regularly. We’ll now go over each of these three steps in more detail.

Step one: using the proper contact point size

The first step to properly fitting your remote dog training collar is to use the appropriate contact point size.

In order for the Educator training collar to work, both of the contact points need to make solid contact with the dog’s skin. When you purchase an Educator remote dog training collar, we send you the two most popular sizes that will work with about 80% of dogs; 5/8″ and 3/4″.

However, if your dog has super long fur you might want to consider picking up a set of the 1″ contact points from our Accessories category. On the flip side, if your dog has super short fur like a Boxer or Doberman, we also offer the 3/8″Micro points. Also sold separately for $8.

Using the right contact point size is an important step in making it an effective training tool.

Step two: ensuring a snug collar fit

In step two of properly fitting the remote dog training collar you will make sure that you have a snug fit.

  1. Position your Educator receiver-collar high on your dog’s neck, to the left or right side of the throat. If you place the collar too low it will move and not be effective.
  2. Tighten the e collar strap snugly so that it does not slide around when your dog moves his head. You should be able to get 2 finger between the e collar strap and the dog’s neck. It should not be too tight, or it could cause what some people call collar-sores, or Pressure Necrosis, on the dog’s neck, which is similar to human bed sores.
  3. Wiggle the collar to ensure that it is snug and that the contact points are against the skin.

Step three: grooming your dog

The third step to ensuring a proper remote dog training collar fit is grooming your dog. Brushing your dog’s coat helps make the Educator e collar an effective tool.

By brushing away old hair from your dog’s neck you will get better contact between the collar and the dog’s skin. Some people will even thin or trim the fur around the dog’s neck area where the receiver-collar will sit.

Grooming is the third and final step to getting a proper e collar fit for your dog.

In conclusion

You now know the three key steps to getting a proper remote dog training collar fit. When you use the appropriate contact point size, ensure a snug collar fit, and take time to groom your dog you guarantee that your Educator e collar will work well. Now you’re ready to go out and train your dog.

When you purchase directly from you’ll receive a free copy of our exclusive step-by-step Educator Collar training eBook where you’ll get more detailed information on proper e collar fit and lots more.