Dogs are natural predators, so when they see something move their urge is to chase it. When it comes to chasing, this instinctual urge can be harmful or even fatal if the dog should become lost or dart into traffic. In this post, you’ll learn how to use an e-collar with low-level stimulation and the “tapping method” to stop dog chasing.

There are other training methods to solve this type of behavior, however, using an e collar is a proven, sure-fire way to stop dog chasing quickly and safely from a distance.

Using an e-collar to stop unwanted behavior such as chasing relies on a technique called positive aversion training. Essentially this means when your dog is engaged in unwanted behavior, such as chasing a squirrel, you use the e-collar to introduce an unpleasant association. With consistency, your dog will begin to relate chasing with the unpleasant feeling, taking the joy out of the chase.

Educator e collars are unlike many others on the market. Lower quality Asian brands use only 10-15 levels of stimulation and outdated “sharp pulse” technology, which can be painful and cause head jerking. Educator e collars are manufactured in the USA and use the latest technologies including vibration, tone, and 100 levels of gradual medical grade “wide pulse” stimulation. This stimulation is similar to a TENS machine and feels like someone flicking the side of your neck with a finger – annoying, but not painful.

Safety Tips

Before you begin using your e collar to eliminate chasing behavior, take the time to review these safety tips:

  • Always train your dog in a safe area. This may mean keeping your dog on a long leash line well away from traffic or training in a fenced area.
  • Use the lowest stimulation level that gets your dog’s attention. Your goal is never to hurt your dog, but rather to pull their attention away from the unwanted behavior. With chasing, you may need to use a stronger stimulation than for other behaviors if your dog has a strong prey drive.

Stop Your Dog Chasing Cats & Other Animals

If your dog can’t resist chasing a passing cat or squirrel, you can quickly stop this chasing behavior with the e collar following these steps.

  1. Locate a safe area where there will be many opportunities for your dog to chase.
  2. Fit the e-collar on the dog and set it to the predetermined lowest level your dog responds to.
  3. Keeping the dog on a long lead or in a fenced area, allow your dog to begin to chase.
  4. As soon as the chase begins start tapping on the stimulation control repeatedly until your dog stops chasing. For dogs with higher prey drives you may need to gradually turn up the stimulation dial while tapping until your dog stops chasing.

During this process, do not give any verbal commands. Your dog should associate the chase with the stimulation, not with you. By repeating this process every time your dog begins to chase, he will soon learn that chasing results in an unpleasant sensation and stop chasing.

Using the vibration or tone modes on the e collar as a warning will quickly teach him to stop chasing with just the vibration or tone, without any stimulation.

Stop Your Dog Chasing Cars

Vehicle chasing is extremely dangerous for dogs. The training is very similar to eliminating animal chasing. Enlist a partner who can ride a bicycle or drive very carefully past your dog and follow the above steps. Because of the importance of stopping this behavior, make sure you are careful with the timing and strength of the correction.

By following these simple steps you can quickly and safely stop dog chasing, keeping your pet and other animals safe.