E Collar Technologies Buying Guide & Reviews - 2023 Educator Dog Collars

Byron Pappageorge

Written by Byron Pappageorge - E Collar Trainer & Educator Dog Collar Product Specialist

Many people become a bit confused when looking at the several different Educator Dog collars available and ask for a recommendation for the best model for their dog.

Educator Dog Collars utilize all the latest e collar technologies and are the most humane and safest e collars available on the market. Whether it's for reinforcing basic obedience commands and/or solving behavioral issues, it is important to select the right model for you and your dog.

I have written this guide to walk you through all the latest Educator Dog Collar models. After you’ve finished reading through this guide you should have a much better idea of which model is right for you.

The following information comes from my many years as a pro e collar trainer and product specialist. It's the same information you'd get if you called me on the phone.

My 5 Promises to you!

Promise #1: Best Service & Training Support

Our support team is top notch and rated #1 in the industry. Unlike the big box stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Petco and Chewy that sell millions of different items and have zero e collar product and dog training knowledge, Educator Collars specialize in one thing and one thing only! We train our dogs with the products we sell and fully support the customers that purchase from us directly.

Out-of-the-box, Educator Collars do not come with any type of training material so when you purchase from other sellers they are basically just going to mail you a shock collar in a box. However, to get you started off on the right foot when you purchase directly from EducatorCollars.com we give you a free copy of our “exclusive” step-by-step e collar training eBook valued at $30.

Promise #2: Guaranteed Latest Versions

Like everything else, Educator Dog Collars are always evolving and new, improved versions are being released. Don’t take a chance on getting an older, discontinued model from other “sellers”. When you buy directly from EducatorCollars.com you’ll always receive the latest & greatest versions direct from the E Collar Technologies factory in Garrett, Indiana.

Promise #3: Guaranteed Lowest Prices

E Collar Technologies strictly enforces “MAP" (Minimum Advertised Price). This means that all ”authorized dealers” cannot advertise under the price set by the manufacturer. However, not everyone follows the rules! If you find an Educator Dog Collar advertised on another store, for a lower price than you see on our store, let us know via email, live chat or phone and we’ll match it.

Promise #4: Free 1-3 Day Shipping

Ultra-fast, same-day shipping! Orders placed before 3 pm EST usually ship the same day. All orders over $100 are eligible for free 1-3 day delivery in the lower 48 United States. Fast, $4.99 flat rate shipping is available for all order under $100.

Promise #5: 30-Day Returns

We’re here to support you and your dog training every step of the way, but if for any reason your e collar doesn't work out for you, you can return it within 30-days for a full refund. No questions. No hassle.


There’s no need to purchase your Educator Collar anywhere else. We guarantee the latest versions, lowest price, fastest free shipping and best support. You’ll find the biggest bang for your buck when you purchase your e collar right here at Educator Collars.

Overwhelmed by choices? See my top picks below!

Soft/Normal Temperamants (Over 5lbs) Educator ET-300 Mini
Normal/Stubborn Temperamants (Over 25lbs) Educator ET-800

Real Reviews By Real Customers

E Collar Technologies Product Overview

Educator Dog Collars, formerly Einstein Collars, offer an abundance of innovative features, quality craftsmanship, and durability that you simply won't find anywhere else. E Collar Technologies is the only remote dog training collar manufacturer that is based in the United States, and it shows.

While other, Asian based manufacturers offer remote dog training collars that are much less safe and reliable, E Collar Technologies takes pride in providing customers with electric dog collars that are designed specifically with your pet's safety in mind.

Although it is true- you might find less expensive remote dog training collars on the market, many times these systems are unreliable, have buttons that stick, inconsistent stimulation levels and within months you will be ordering a replacement. In essence, you simply won't find the quality that you will find when you purchase an Educator Collar by E Collars Technologies.

Regardless of whether you have a mild-mannered, small dog; or a more stubborn large breed, whether you are searching for obedience dog training collars, no bark collars or e collars to assist you in training hunting dogs or whether you are looking for a single dog training collar or a dog training collar that enables you to train up to four dogs at once, with several models to choose from you are certain to find the one that is right for your unique situation.

Educator Dog Collar Key Features

Below are several key features that come standard with all Educator Collar models.

Blunt Pulse Stimulation

Other manufacturers use the outdated Sharp Pulse technology that penetrates the muscle in the dog's neck and can cause head jerking and are considered inhumane by many dog behaviorists, E Collar Technologies utilizes the newer “Blunt Pulse” (also called “Wide Pulse”) technology that is a cleaner, medical grade muscle stimulant that is used in TENS machines by physical therapist and chiropractors.

100 Levels of Stimulation

All Educator Dog Collars come with 100 levels of static stimulation. Other brands that offer only 10 or 15 levels with large jumps between levels can make it impossible to find the perfect level for your dog. Coupled with COS technology you’ll be able to fine-tune the level to your dog's specific temperament.

Patented “COS” (Control Of Stimulation)

Other manufacturers rely on outdated circuitry or Rheostat dials that only show the stimulation levels in groups of 5 which can make it hard to find your dog's exact working level every time.  E Collar Technologies has patented the new COS (control of stimulation) technology that leaves out the guesswork and allows the user to pinpoint the exact level there dog responds too.

Continuous Stimulation

Continuous Stimulation allows you to hold down on the stimulation for up to 10 seconds before the automatic safety feature shuts it off. You’ll then need to let the button go and repress it for another 10 seconds and so forth.

Momentary Stimulation

Momentary Stimulation is a quick, split second of stimulation. It's sometimes called a “Nick”. It doesn't matter how long you hold down on the stimulation button it will only release a quick burst of stimulation.

Stimulation Booster

All Educator Collars come with a Booster feature. This feature allows you to pre-set a higher stimulation level in the transmitter/remote memory that can be used during high distraction situations, without taking your eyes off your dog to look at the transmitter and manually adjust the level like with other brands.

Lock & Set

Unlike other brands, Educator Collar transmitters have memory! Once you find the perfect level for your dog (Working Level) you can Lock & Set that level directly into your transmitter so that you never have to remember what it is. This is also a great safety feature because once the level is set you cannot accidentally change the level up or down until you unlock it by pressing down on the dial.

You can also Lock & Set a higher Booster level for high distraction situations where your dog might require a higher level to get his attention back on you. Once you Lock & Set your low and high stimulation levels into your transmitter you no longer need to take your eyes off your dog to look at your transmitter when training.

This feature is especially nice when training multiple dogs from one transmitter. With other brands, you’ll be constantly toggling back and forth from dog to dog and changing the stimulation level as you do, which can make it easy to make a mistake when you have to move quickly and possibly over stimulate your dog. Once you pre-set each dogs settings the transmitter remembers each dogs Working and Booster level so its not possible to make a mistake.

Vibration & Tone Only

All Educator Dog Collars come with vibration and tone only modes. The stopwatch style models have one vibration level and one type of tone, however, the 900 series e collars have 7 adjustable vibration levels and 4 types of tone with volume control.

Fastest Wireless Link in the Industry

Dogs learn faster when they associate the behavior with the correction. E Collars are a very effective tool because they allow you to give instant feedback to your dog, at a distance, exactly when it's needed. Other Asian made e collars are known to have an unreliable connection between the transmitter and receiver-collar. Educator Dog Collars have the fastest and most reliable wireless connection in the industry. When you press a button on an Educator Collar transmitter, your dog instantly receives your message.

Training Multiple Dog’s (Expandability)

All Educator Collar models are expandable to multi-dog systems. Meaning you can purchase the 1-dog system and later if you acquire additional dogs, can expand the unit to a 2, 3 and even 4-dog system (depending on the model) with purchase of additional receiver-collars.The stopwatch style e collar models are expandable up to 2 dogs. The PE-900 Pro up to 3 dogs and the EZ-900 up to 4 dogs.

LCD Display

All Educator Dog Collar models come with a blue backlit LCD screen that displays the exact stimulation level and e collar mode.

Rechargeable Batteries

All Educator Collars use the latest battery technology with the longer lasting, rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 2-hour rapid charge batteries. A full charge, leaving the unit on all the time, should last 48 to 72 hours. Turning the unit off when not in use should last a couple weeks.

Night Tracking Light

Powerful LED lights come standard on all Educator remote dog training collars and can be set to flash or stay lit constantly right from the transmitter. If you are training 2 dogs you can set one dog to stay lit constantly and the other to flash so you can see which dog is which at night or low light situations.

Fully Waterproof

All Educator Collars are fully waterproof and tested to 500”.

Impact Proof

All Educator Collars are impact proof to 5000G’s.

Choosing the Best Educator E Collar for Your Dog(s)

As of 2023, Educator E-Collars are broken out into 6 models:

These models contain all the key features listed above but have slight differences. The main difference between models are transmit “range”, “power”, “transmitter style” as bullet listed under each model below.

Educator ET-300 Mini
300 Mini Series
 - Low / Medium Power
 - 1/2 Mile Transmit Range
 - Stopwatch Style Transmitter

ET-300 Mini
Educator ET-400
400 Series
- Low / Medium Power
- 3/4 Mile Transmit Range
- Stopwatch style Transmitter

Educator ET-800
800 Series
- Low / High Power
- 1 Mile Transmit Range
- Stopwatch Style Transmitter

Educator EZ-900
900 Series
- Low / Medium Power
- 1/2 Mile Transmit Range
- Bar Style Transmitter

EZ-900 / PE-900
Educator ET-1200
1200 Series
- Low / High Power
- 1 Mile Transmit Range
- Stopwatch Style Transmitter

UL-1200 / WF-1200
Educator PG-300
PG-300 Series
- Vibration & Tone Only
- 1/2 Mile Transmit Range
- Stopwatch Style Transmitter


Low to Medium Power vs Low to High Power Stimulation

The “low to medium” power units are the 300, 400, 900 series. The stimulation is more gentle with these models and designed for dogs with soft to normal dispositions. They use what we call our “small receivers” that weigh only 2.4 ounces. We have trained dogs as small as 3 lbs with these small receiver e collars but we recommend at least 5 lbs. These models will work fine for most dogs as large as 150 lbs as long as they aren't overly tough or have a very strong prey drive.

The “low to high” power units are 800 & 1200 series and have a longer transmit range of up to 1 mile, are about 40%-50% more powerful at the higher levels and are designed for larger, tougher, higher drive dog’s that might need a higher level of stimulation. These models require a larger transformer for the additional output, use the “large receivers”, weight 4.2 ounces and not recommended for dogs under 25 lbs to wear comfortably.

Transmit Range

You can never have enough range. If your dog is out of transmit range your e-collar is pretty much worthless. Educator Collars come in a ½ mile, ¾ mile, and 1-mile range. Electronic dog training collars use a radio signal similar to a walkie-talkie and transmit range can be cut down as much as 50% due to several factors such as hills, trees, buildings and even bad weather. If you can clearly see your dog on a clear day and are holding the transmitter high above your head you’ll get the full stated range.

Transmitter Style

E-Collar Technologies manufacturers 2 types of transmitters; round stopwatch style and the bar style. When people ask me which style I recommend, my standard answer is; If you are the type of person that likes “simple” and easy to use, go with the stopwatch style transmitter. If you’re the type of person that likes to play around with lots of features and functions then the bar style transmitter is for you.

Stopwatch Style E Collar Transmitters

Stop Watch Style

The Stopwatch style transmitter consists of the 300, 400, 800 & 1200 series and are definitely our most popular and user-friendly models. The remote / transmitter might look a bit awkward at first glance but nothing could be further from the truth. With only 3 training buttons, these ergonomically designed handheld transmitters are simple to use, fit comfortably in your hand and your thumb rest perfectly over the vibration/tone “T” button and your pointer and middle finger over the 2 stimulation “S” buttons, as shown above, while allowing a clear view of the LCD Display. This allows you to first give your dog a vibration or tone warning, followed by a lower level Momentary or Constant stimulation and a higher Booster level for high distraction situations.

The Stopwatch style models float if dropped in water and come prepackaged in 1 & 2-dog models with transmitter several different color options, However, additional color skins can be purchased separately for $15 in our Accessories category.

Bar Style E Collars Transmitters

Bar Style

The Bar style transmitters consist of the EZ-900 & PE-900 Pro series. These models come with a programming “P” button, are fully customizable and offer more features than the simpler stopwatch style transmitters.

Unlike the stopwatch style models that have 1 level of vibration and 1 type of tone, the 900 series has 7 adjustable levels of vibration and 4 types of tone with volume control. It’s important to note, however, that the vibration levels, tone types, and volume cannot be changed on the fly and must be done via your computer with the provided USB cable and a small download from the memory stick that comes in the box.


As I have mentioned above, the stopwatch style models are all expandable to 2-dog systems only, however, the PE-900 Pro series is expandable to 3-dogs and the EZ-900 series is expandable to 4-dogs.


Just like when us humans walk across the carpet and touch a doorknob and receive a tiny static shock, it doesn't hurt, but it can be surprising and cause us to vocalize. The same kind of surprise can occur when you set a specific level with the e collar and hit a button.

To solve this issue, E-Collar Technologies has patented the “InstaStim” feature that allows you to gradually roll the stimulation up and down from 0 to 100 with the thumb wheel. Basically, it allows your dog to let you when enough is enough by complying with the command or stopping the unwanted behavior.

It's also a great feature for boundary training. As you observe your dog leaving your property, you can slowly roll the stimulation up until the dog stops and returns.


This is a built-in safety feature that allows you to preset a maximum stimulation level directly into the transmitter. For example, if you never want the stimulation level to go over level 20, set it to level 20 and even if you inadvertently bump the stimulation level to 100 the stim level will always max out at level 20. Great for people that have kids or like to carry the transmitter around in their pocket.

Ramp Feature (PE-900 Pro only)

Besides a couple of other small differences, the Ramp feature and expandability to 3 and 4 dogs are the only main difference between EZ and PE 900 models. Ramp allows the user to preset and low and higher stimulation level into the transmitter. When the correction is applied the stimulation will start at the lower preset level and automatically ramp up to the higher preset level over 1 or 2 seconds. This can also be done manually by using the InstaStim feature on the EZ-900 by rolling the stimulation level up using the thumbwheel.

Summary of main differences between the EZ and PE 900 series

Educator EZ-900
EZ-900 Series
- Dogs over 5 lbs
- ½ mile range
- Low to medium power
- Expandable to 4 dogs
Educator PE-900
PE-900 Pro Series
- Dogs over 5 lbs
- ½ mile range
- Low to medium power
- Expandable to 3 dogs
- Ramp Feature

In summary

If your dog is over 5 lbs, has a sensitive to normal disposition, and you are looking for something super easy to use and ½ mile range is enough, the ET-300 Mini Educator is our best seller, preferred by most pro trainers and the e collar I use personally. However, If you live in a rural area and your dog has more room to roam the ¾ mile range ET-400 series are a great choice.

The 900 series Bar style units are also low to medium power and designed for dogs with soft to normal temperaments but have more bells & whistles and are a bit trickier to use.

If you have a larger dog that is on the tougher, higher drive side, I recommend the ET-800 The Boss or one of the 1200 models for hunting dogs.

E Collar Questions & Answers

Whether you are an experienced e collar trainer or new to remote dog training collars, there are still lots of questions about these electronic dog training collar tools. Below is a list of questions we get asked almost every day.


What is a remote dog training collar and how does it work?

Remote dog training collars work much like a Walkie-Talkie and consist of two components; a handheld wireless remote transmitter and a wireless receiver that attaches to a collar strap that fits on your dog’s neck.

The transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver on your dog's neck that will cause the receiver to either vibrate, give an audible tone or a static stimulation (shock) to get your dog's attention. An e collar basically allows you to communicate with your dog by lightly tapping the dog on the shoulder, from a distance, at the exact time that it's needed.


What age should my dog be before using a remote e collar for training?

Remote e collars are not used to “train” your dog, they are used to reinforce verbal commands that your dog already knows. Your dog needs to be old enough to know the verbal commands and what's expected of him/her before you can start e collar training. Typically 5 - 6 months


Can anyone use an electronic dog training e collar?

Yes. It really just boils down to a “timing” thing and like anything else, it just takes a little practice and getting used to. If you have used a choke or pinch collar to train your dog then you already know that you apply the correction by jerky back hard on the collar to give your dog a correction at the exact time it's needed. The same principle holds true with an electric dog collar but you can make perfectly timed corrections, from a distance!


Will a remote e collar hurt my dog?

No. Other brands that use outdated technology have “sharp pulse” stimulation that penetrates through the muscle, stimulating the Neurons and can cause head jerking. Educator Collars use the latest e collar technologies with “Wide Pulse” medical grade stimulation that is topical and stimulates the muscle to reflex similar to a TENS machine used by Chiropractors and Physical Therapist.

All Educator Dog Collar models have 100 levels of static stimulation with E Collar Technologies Patent “COS” that allows you to really fine-tune the stimulation perfectly to your dog's specific temperament. When I am talking to customers on the phone, I describe the sensation as being similar to flicking your dog's neck with your finger. It doesn't hurt, it's just annoying and dogs learn to quickly avoid it. I always recommend trying the stimulation on your arm or leg first so you’ll know exactly what your dog feels.


How do I find the perfect stimulation level for my dog's temperament?

One of the most important things is to find the perfect stimulation level for your dog's specific temperament. Too low and it won't get your dogs attention. Too high can stress your dog out and cause him to vocalize. Many other brands on the market only offer 7, 10 or 15 levels with large jumps in between that can make it very difficult to find the perfect level for your dog. However, Educator e collars offer 100 levels of static stimulation (shock) with patented “COS” (Control Of Stimulation) that allows you to really fine tune the stimulation to your dog's specific temperament.

One of the first things you’ll do before you begin e collar training is to find the level that is just right for your dog. To do this, take your dog somewhere quiet where there are no distractions. While your dog is sniffing around, set the level to 0 and slowly begin dialing up the level while tapping on the stimulation button until you notice your dog barely feels something and stop right there!

The most common reactions to look for is your dog lifting his ears a bit, looking at you or some dogs might even scratch at the collar. If your dog looks stressed or vocalized then you have gone to high and need to turn it down. This is what's called your “working level”. Its the lowest level to get your dogs attention and the level you’ll mostly be using. However, you’ll probably need to use a higher level during high distraction situation.

Note: It's important to make sure you have the proper collar fit. My favorite e collar is the Mini Educator and most dogs that I train respond to levels below 10 which is barely more than a tingle, that most humans won't even feel. But like people, all dogs have different levels of sensitivity so don't worry about turning it up until your dog slightly reacts.


How much transmit range (distance) do Educator e collars have?

Remote dog training collars work with a radio signal much like a walkie-talkie. Hills, trees, buildings and even bad weather can cut transmit range down as much as 50%, worst case scenario. If you can clearly see your dog and are holding your transmitter high above your head you’ll get the full stated range of the unit.

You can never have too much range. A good rule-of-thumb is select a model with double the range you think you’ll need. If your dog is out of range your e collar is pretty much worthless.