Educator ET-300 / 302 Mini Replacement Remote


Replacement transmitter for the ET-300 / 302 Mini series

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Educator ET-300 / 302 Replacement Remote

All returned replacement transmitters will incur a 15% restocking fee.

The replacement remote for the older "TS" version is no longer available. This remote replaces the newer ET-300 version released in late 2015.

How do I know which version I have?

The best way to determine which version you currently have is to look at your charger. If the end that plugs into your charging port has only one prong you have the new version; ET-300. If it has the dual prong you have the older TS version; ET-300TS 

You can also lift up the rubber charging port cap on your current remote or receiver-collar to determine if you have the single or dual pin. This remote only works with the single prong charger.

The ET-300 replacement remote is a tiny transmitter that is ideal for individuals with smaller hands and is intended for use with the Educator 300 series e-collars. Great features like 100 levels of COS with Lock and Set, a 60 level adjustable “booster” function and “tapping sensation” make this remote ideal for dogs 5 lbs. and up with sensitive to normal temperaments.

Technical Features:

  • ½ mile line of sight range
  • Suitable for dogs 5 lbs. and up
  • 100 levels of COS with Lock and Set
  • Adjustable “booster” function (levels 1-60)
  • Impact-resistant to 5000G’s
  • Uses 2-hour quick charge Li-Polymer batteries
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Manufacturer CodeET-300-TX
BrandE-Collar Technologies
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