Educator Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit

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Works with all educator receivers; RX-070, RX-090, RX-120

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Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit

All returned replacement transmitters will incur a 15% restocking fee.

  • The finger button has a range of 12 ft to the handheld transmitter.
  • The finger button is only compatible with the Finger Trainer 330 series handheld transmitter.
  • If you have a multi-dog system the finger button will only work with one of the receivers.

Educator Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit

Handheld Transmitter

The Educator FT-330 Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit handheld transmitter is identical to the popular ET-300 Mini Educator in size and features with 1/2 mile range, vibration, tone and 100 level of adjustable medical grade static stimulation and compatible with RX-070 (low power), RX-090 (low to medium power) & RX-120 (low-high power) receivers.

If you want to use this finger button kit to replace one of the larger size/longer range handheld transmitters that come standard with the 400, 800 or 1200 models you will lose transmit range do to the smaller FT-330 Finger Trainer transmitter/internal antenna size. For example, if you currently own the 3/4 mile ET-400 series your transmit range will drop to 1/2 mile. If you currently own the 1 mile 800 or 1200 series your transmit range will drop to 3/4 mile.

Wireless Finger Button

The finger button is basically a mini transmitter that communicates with the FT-330 handheld transmitter, which in turn communicates with the receiver on your dog. Due to its small size, the finger button will mimic only 1 setting from the handheld transmitter. For example, if your dog responds to a level 10 you can preset the finger button to level 10 in either continuous and momentary mode (stimulation level adjustments can only be made from the handheld transmitter). Or, if your dog responds well to vibration or tone only you can also set the finger button to one of these modes.

Educator Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit Features:

  • Wireless 12ft Range Finger Button
  • 100 Level of Adjustable Medical Grade Static Stimulation
  • Lock and Set Feature
  • Vibration & Tone Options
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries (2-hour Rapid Charge)
  • Lost Transmitter Locator Function
  • Remote Activated LED Collar Light
  • Waterproof and Floats
  • User Expandable to a Two Dog System
  • Made in the USA

What's in the Educator Finger Trainer Upgrade Kit box:

  • 1) Waterproof 330 Finger Trainer Handheld Transmitter
  • 1) Wireless Finger Button with 12ft Range
  • 1) 5"" Black Velcro Strap

The Educator FT-332 comes with a 2 year / limited life warranty.

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